These are houses that are built using timber-frame technology, which is also used to build detached houses. Their additional advantage is that the houses are equipped with axles and wheels, which makes them not permanently attached to the ground and allows them to be moved.

Our mobile homes can be viewed at our company headquarters located in the village of Bielkowo in the municipality of Sianów (Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship). Please contact us in advance to arrange your arrival date.

As a rule, mobile homes are seasonal recreational facilities, but through the use of appropriately thick layers of isolation in the walls, roof and floor (15 cm thick mineral wool), the houses of our production have been successfully used for years in, among others, the Polish mountains, the north of Norway, and the Austrian Alps.

In Poland, mobile homes of up to 35 m² do not require a building permit, but only a notification of the placement of such a house on a plot to the County Office. If you wish to purchase a mobile home larger than 35 m², a building permit may be required. In that case, we recommend that you contact the County Office in the area where the plot is located to obtain information directly from the source on how the building regulations are interpreted in this respect by the County Office concerned.

The mobile home cannot move on its own on the road, but only on the plot of land on which it is located, with the help of, for example, an agricultural tractor. The size of the mobile home exceeds the size of standard loads, so its transport is only possible at night assisted by a pilot, once a route has been mapped out and the relevant permits have been obtained from the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. You can either collect the house with your own transport or entrust this task to our company.

In 99% of cases, the houses are delivered directly to the customers’ plots without any obstacles, but this is not always possible with just a truck with a trailer. Our specialised staff will assess whether the access road, as well as the plot entrance itself and the condition of the land, allow safe access to the plot. If not, the truck with the house will drive as close to the plot as possible and the house will be unloaded from the trailer using a winch or, in special situations, a crane. In cases where access to the plot is not possible, the house must be driven to its destination, for example with a small tractor.

Mobile homes should only be placed on firm ground (i.e. slab foundations or point foundations). After signing the order, the client receives a simple diagram with foundation points specifying the locations of the supports (concrete blocks or specially designed stands).

Once the house has been unloaded from transport, it needs to be set up in a pre-prepared location on the plot, which can be done using, for example, a small agricultural tractor or a crane. As standard, our houses are equipped with a drawbar with ball hitch, which can be mounted on one or the other side of the house, making it even easier to position the house with a tractor. Then, all that remains is to level the house and connect to the utilities.

Yes, it is possible. Over the course of more than 10 years, our company has specialised in the production of customised houses. We were delighted to carry out many such projects for the most demanding retail customers and dealers from all over Europe.

Although the standard offer includes the largest models with a size of 12 x 4 m, on special order we build houses with a length of up to 14 metres (56 m²).

We provide a 24-month guarantee, which covers all components included in the house.