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A manufacturer with tradition

Our family-run business was established in 2009 following the initiative of Lech Pęk and his sons Michał and Łukasz. By offering high-quality mobile homes manufactured with attention to the smallest details, we have quickly gained recognition among national and international customers. Today, Holiday Homes is a thriving company that, despite its success, never rests on its laurels. Our company is made up of young people, specialists in their fields, fully committed to their work. We are constantly striving to improve our qualifications so that our services meet even the most demanding standards.

We approach every task with complete professionalism and commitment, which is why we want to offer you the popular ‘home on wheels’ at the highest level, impressing not only with their functionality but also with their uncompromising quality. We always provide our customers with a professional and comprehensive service. The satisfaction of our customers is of key importance to our team, which is why we strive for perfection in the execution of every task. You can be sure that we are exceptionally committed to each of these projects, by offering our many years of experience, the knowledge we have acquired over this time and the maximum of passion that is our daily work.

Knowledge and experience

Holiday Homes is not only a company with passion, but also with a great deal of expertise, which is why we are able to carry out practically any order. We are aware that each client may have their own personalised vision for their home. We always take great care and are extremely scrupulous about your requirements and expectations in the first instance before starting construction. From the very beginning, you can count on our professional advice and the identification of optimum solutions that will not only be of practical use, but above all minimise the future costs of building the mobile home.

Depending on the specifications, you can receive the house in a completely basic option with ‘bare’ walls, as well as a fully furnished, turnkey version. Regardless of your budget, our team will be happy to help you choose a home to suit your needs! The collaboration will result in a design that accurately reflects our previous arrangements. The mobile homes manufactured by our company have only one thing in common, which is their uniqueness. Their future owners are instrumental in creating them, taking care of the comfort and convenience for themselves or their guests.

Professional transport

Due to their dimensions, mobile homes are oversized goods, i.e. their size means that they cannot be transported freely on the road. For this reason, we are obliged to obtain the relevant transport permit from the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways [GDDKiA] each time before starting transport. In addition, transport can only take place at night, along a pre-determined route and accompanied by professional pilots.

You can either collect the mobile home with your own transport or entrust this responsible task to our qualified specialists. We guarantee professional protection of the house during transport, which excludes the possibility of any damage. We are able to provide all this by using our own specialised transport as well as trained and experienced staff.

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